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Domestic skip hire in Cardiff has so many uses. From renovation works to garden clearance. It’s a great way to dispose of waste in a clean and efficient way. Of course, not everything can go into a skip, but your local skip hire company will be able to tell you what can safely be disposed […]

Have you thought about skip hire in Cardiff? When you are renovating your home or having work done at your business, it is not usually the first thing you think about. Hiring a skip is a cost-effective way to dispose of your rubbish and unwanted items. Not only can it make the renovations go seamlessly […]

Around 2 million tons of electrical appliances go to waste and are discarded across the UK each year. When something cannot be fixed or has reached the end of its life in your home. Do you know how to dispose of appliances, and do you know if it can go to a better home and […]

Used for processing both domestic and commercial waste, a waste transfer station is used to process waste items and store until they can be moved on for treatment or disposal. They are also used to process recyclable and reusable items; this has a great result for the planet and means the right products end their […]

Knowing how to get your house ready for a clear out can seem daunting but having a plan and ticking of each step as you go will keep everything in order. No matter if your moving home or just having a good tidy-up, having a plan will make the whole process that bit less stressful. […]

With the weather warming it’s time to get back in our garden and start to enjoy the outdoors. First though, you will need to put in a little work to make it even more enjoyable. The garden will have been up against the elements over the autumn & winter so, a little tidy here and […]