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Green skip (dumpster) for municipal waste or industrial waste on street

Can Anything Go In a Skip

Not everything can go in a skip and the easiest way for us to let you know what can go in a skip is to list the items that cannot be put into your latest skip hire. If for any reason you are unsure of what and be put in your skip, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help.

Below is the list of items and materials that cannot be put in a skip:
– Asbestos
– Batteries
– Any Medical or clinical waste
– Electrical equipment
– Fluorescent tubes
– Fridges or freezers
– Air conditioning units
– Gas canisters or bottles
– Toxic materials
– Oil, petrol, or diesel
– Plasterboard
– Tyres
– TV or computer screens
– Paint or cans of paint

Be aware that if these items are found in your skips, you may be charged more for removal or asked to remove them. Hazardous items will need to be removed by specialist. So, getting it right the first-time round will save you time and money.

Can I Put a Mattress In a Skip

Unfortunately, mattresses cannot be disposed of in a skip. Due to there bulk they not only have issues in taking up space, but they can cause issues in being transported, as they tend to be the last thing added to the skip and can full out. They can be disposed of at an extra cost or you can arrange for them to be taken to your local recycling centre to be disposed of.

Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal Prices

For all your skip hire and rubbish removal prices in Cardiff and around South Wales, Contact Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips, our expert team are here to help. We are happy to answer any questions you have or give advice on the best skip for the job. Contact us on 02920 862 328.


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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