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Hiring A Skip FAQs

Skip Hire The Dos And Donts

Regardless of whether you are looking for domestic DIY skip hire or household clearance project. Or maybe you are a building company looking to dispose of building rubble, it makes total sense to hire a skip for convenient disposal of your waste and site rubbish.

Therefore, it is very important to make sure you do not fall foul of any local or legal legislation, or breach any of the many essential safety requirements. Doing so could get you in trouble or incur extra hire costs or even fines. By following some of the below do’s and don’ts you will make sure you keep within the terms of your skip hire agreement and everybody stays safe.

Hiring The Correct Skip Size

Common sense here but it is very important to order the correct sized skip for your needs. Get this wrong and you could end up paying more than you need to for a skip that is larger than you want. Order a skip that is too small, and you run the risk of hiring twice in order to completely dispose of all your rubbish and commercial waste. Find out about our skip sizes.

Safety Is Almost First

Safety is also an important consideration that should never be ignored. Make sure you consider the position of the skip. Is it to be located on the road? What types of rubbish and waste are you throwing away and how much is there?

If your skip is to be located on the road then you need a permit along with traffic cones and a safety light to ensure the safety of other road users and pedestrians.

Never Overfill Your Skip

Every skip regardless of size must be filled level to the top of the container. Overfilling the skip will cause the vehicle to exceed its legal weight limit. And in such situations the skip driver could then be liable for prosecution. Also, an overflowing skip poses a serious safety issue to other road users and pedestrians.

Never Set Fire To Rubbish In A Skip

This one a little obvious but under no circumstances should a skip be used to house a fire for burning rubbish or commercial waste. Doing so will be in contravention of a lot of fire safety guidelines. It will also damage the skip and paintwork.

Pay Attention To Materials You Cannot Put In A Skip

For a lot of safety reasons, it is very important that you pay attention to the types of materials you are putting in the skip. Do not dispose of any dangerous materials such as asbestos or un-permitted items such as fridges, freezers, tyres, any unsealed oil or paint cans. These are items that need to be disposed of in a safe manner to avoid endangering the safety of others. Talk to us about this and we will advise.

Skip Hire Cardiff

Looking for skip hire in Cardiff? For a fast and reliable service at competitive prices, please call us now on 02920 862328. As a leading and fully licensed waste management company in Caerphilly, we offer a wide range of waste disposal services for both residential and commercial customers. From Mini, Maxi and Builders’ Skips, through to Roll on Offs, Tipper Hire and a Wait and Load service, we have the perfect solution to all your waste disposal and recycling needs.

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