Do You Know How To Dispose Of Appliances?

Do You Know How To Dispose Of Appliances

In the UK, over 2 million tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are thrown away by households and companies every single year. WEEE consists of products that typically have a plug or require a battery, so this includes all white appliances, televisions, radios and much more. When such a large number of WEEE […]

What Is A Waste Transfer Station

What Is A Waste Transfer Station

Used for processing both domestic and commercial waste, a waste transfer station is used to process waste items and store until they can be moved on for treatment or disposal. They are also used to process recyclable and reusable items; this has a great result for the planet and means the right products end their […]

Home Recycling Tips Cardiff

Home Recycling Tips

Everyone can use home recycling tips in Cardiff every once in a while. It’s not as difficult as you may think to figure out what’s recyclable and what isn’t. You’re ready to go after you have the necessary information. At Cardiff Caerphilly Skips, we feel that getting into the recycling habit is simple once you […]