Can Anything Go In a Skip

Green skip (dumpster) for municipal waste or industrial waste on street

Not everything can go in a skip and the easiest way for us to let you know what can go in a skip is to list the items that cannot be put into your latest skip hire. If for any reason you are unsure of what and be put in your skip, feel free to […]

Skip Hire Advice Cardiff

Skip Hire Cardiff Advice

Cardiff Caerphilly Skips are here to offer skip hire advice. Our many years in the industry means we’ve experienced a lot of ups, downs and problems along the way. We often run into the same three issues when it comes to hiring out our services, so to prevent history from repeating itself, we’ve explained these […]

The Most Unusual Things Found In Skips

Cheap Skip Hire

Managing waste and clutter can be very stressful especially when doing residential projects such as spring cleaning, recycling and renovation. Waste can accumulate very fast, and if you do not have a proper disposal system, you may end up getting more clutter instead. This problem can be addressed by Cardiff Skip Hire to discard all […]