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The Best Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

The Best Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

With the weather warming it’s time to get back in our garden and start to enjoy the outdoors. First though, you will need to put in a little work to make it even more enjoyable. The garden will have been up against the elements over the autumn & winter so, a little tidy here and there will make all the difference.

Give Your Plants The Care They Need

Not everyone is a gardener but some of your plants may not have survived the winter so, will need to be removed and replaced. Others may just need a trim and freshen for the growing season. Don’t forget the soil too, give everything a turn with a garden folk and add remove any weeds that may have taken hold. Don’t forget to feed the soil, compost is readily available to give your plants new & old the right start for spring.

Cleaning Your Deck Or Patio

Give your deck or patio a good clean, this is the perfect time to see if any repairs need to be made. You may have a cracked slab that needs replacing or your deck may need some attention before the warmer months.
When it come to your deck, don’t forget to be gentle, a pressure wash may course damage on a too higher setting. Start by brushing the service down and should a pressure washer be needed, start at a low setting. Remember to check the other permanent structures in your garden such as walls and shed, they need care too.

Clear Out The Shed

The shed may not just need a clean. Take a look inside and start to work your way through the contents and see if there is anything that has seen better days. Keeping all your tools organised and in the best condition will help them to last longer too. So, now the shed is organised and free from unwanted items, it’s time to start on the trees and large shrubs.

It’s Time To Tackle The Trees

They are a big part of most gardens and trees & large shrubs need just as much care as the flowering plants. Start by removing any branches that have been damaged over the colder months, always look out for signs of disease and any other issues, as you work your way through.

Hiring A Skip Cardiff

Now you have done all your hard work and your garden is all ready to go for the spring and summer beyond but you also have a large pile of garden waste to remove, have you thought about hiring a skip? Available in a choice of sizes to suit, you can have your garden waste removed quickly and with little hassle.
For a fast and reliable service at competitive prices, please call us now on 02920 862328. As a leading and fully licensed waste management company in Caerphilly, we offer a wide range of waste disposal services for both residential and commercial customers.

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